General Purpose Acetone

Acetone is a used for cleaning GRP tools and preparing the roof surface prior to top coat

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Acetone can be used for cleaning the GRP tools such as buckets and laminating rollers. It is also advised that Acetone is used during the roof preparation to wipe down the edge trims and to remove dust from areas of the roof that have been sanded after the resin coat.


  • 1 Litre Bottle - 10 square metres of roof surface 
  • 5 Litre Bottle - 50 square metres of roof surface
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1ltr of Acetone per 10 sqm of surface to be wiped down

Questions & Answers (5)

How Long Does a GRP Fibreglass roof Last?

If Installed Correctly a Fibreglass roof has a typical life expectancy in access of 35yrs 

What Surface can a Fibreglass roof be Installed onto.

Fibreglass roofs must always be laid onto new and dry OSB3 boards. For best results we recommend using tongue and groove boards.

Can I Walk on a fibreglass roof?

Yes. Fibreglass is a very tough and durable material. This means walking on your roof shouldn't affect the integrity of the roof 

Does if have to be dry for me to install a Fibreglass Roof?

Yes, Never Attempt to install a Fibreglass Roof onto wet or damp boards.

What is the minimal temperature i can install a Fibreglass roof in?

The minmum temperature for installing a fibreglass roof is 5 degrees C. 

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