ARBOFLEX PU Thickener 1L

ARBOFLEX PU THICKENER is a liquid additive designed to thicken the ARBOFLEX PU Liquid membrane to ensure sufficient adhesion to both Vertical and Sloped surfaces.

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ARBOFLEX PU THICKENER is a polymeric thickener, developed specifically as a liquid additive for the polyurethane liquid membrane ARBOFLEX PU. For use on vertical or sloped surfaces, providing thixotropic properties.

Product Application

  • Additive for ARBOFLEX PU to be applied on vertical or sloped surfaces. Prevent sagging of the membrane due to its drying time.

Application Method

  • Add ARBOFLEX® PU THICKENER in the proportion needed (maximum 800 ml per 20 kg of ARBOFLEX PU) in the drum of the ARBOFLEX PU.
  • The mixing ratio is relative to site conditions.
  • Continue mixing until the product is homogeneous.
  • If the outside temperature is lower than 5º, heat before mixing with ARBOFLEX PU.
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