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Custom Kit Builders

Let our flat roof calculator build you a custom roof kit

Calc - phone - final step

We've developed a range of online calculators to support the roofing systems we stock. It only takes a few minutes to punch in your size and requirements before our kit builder can calculate the cost of all the materials required. When you're happy to order, just one click will get all those materials added to your basket for you, so you can checkout quickly too! 

It really only takes a few minutes and you can rest assured that we'll supply all the correct materials and quantities required for your project! to get started just pick a roofing system below, and if you're not yet sure which is best for your roof you can compare all our flat roof systems first.


The ClassicBond One Piece EPDM system is great for large or small flat roof areas and is normally bonded on to a timber deck in one piece so no joins are required!

ClassicBond Custom Kit

Flexitec 2020

Flexitec 2020 is the first flexible GRP roofing system with full overlay capabilities. Due to its unique flexible technology, Flexitec 2020 is able to coat all common roof surfaces such as felt, concrete, asphalt, GRP and timber

Flexitec Custom Kit


GRP roofing is applied cold on site over a timber deck, giving it a seamless and flexible weatherproof finish that resists water, heat and frost.

ProGRP Custom Kit


ClassicLiquid is a polyurethane liquid system, ideal for complicated roofs where membranes may not be viable. Can be laid onto many surfaces straight out of the tin.

ClassicLiquid Custom Kit