Geotextile Underlay Fleece

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Geotextile Underlay Fleece

This is a 200gsm Non-woven Geotextile Fleece Underlay that can be used for:

  • -Laying under rubber membrane when mechanically fixing with Russ fixings to existing roof covering
  • -Laying on top of roof to help protect when installing a ballasted top layer
  • -Used underneath rubber membrane when used as a pond liner to protect the membrane from puncturing from underlying stones and sharps

Width: 2.0 metre width

Material: 200gsm Non-woven Geotextile Fleece

Selling: This product is sold in Square Metres

Installation Notes:
A mechanically attached system using underlay and Russ strips is useful where the decking is not going to be replaced and the the ballasted system is not chosen. The geo-textile underlay is first laid on the roof followed by reinforced epdm strips known as Russ Strips form a grid system at 1 metre intervals. These strips are attached to the roof using metal discs and screws screwed directly into the roof decking. The one piece EPDM membrane is then adhered to the grid system using seam adhesive and finished with edge trims leaving a professional long lasting finish.

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