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Please ensure your length and width are different by at least 200mm. 
Or configure a square lantern instead.

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Korniche Made-to-Measure Contemporary Roof Lantern

Korniche have successfully blended a contemporary, yet classic design, with cutting edge engineering concepts to create an astonishingly beautiful roof lantern, strongest and most thermally efficient in its class it is also incredibly quick and simple to install.


Open sky though a Kornich Lantern

Minimalist Design for Beautiful bright Spaces

To ensure your home receives maximum sunlight we have designed and engineered our skylights with an ultra slim, contemporary look. With no intrusive rafters. At only 57mm width the spas and ridge sections are amongst the slimmest currently available on the market.  



Thermally Efficient to keep your Home Warmer

High performance glazing combined with engineering that eliminates cold bridging means our lanterns are amongst the most thermally efficient in class.  All lanterns come with Self-cleaning low-e glass as standard and have a u-value of just 1.2kw/h.

Thermal Properties of a Korniche Roof Lantern


Precision engineered korniche roof lantern

Precision engineered to last a lifetime

Engineered and tested using the latest technologies we are confident that we have created the stiffest and strongest roof lantern currently on the market. All our Contemporary lanterns are manufactured right here in the UK and come with a market leading 10yr warranty.


Quick and Easy Installation Saving you Time and Money

The Korniche revolutionary design makes this aluminium glass roof lantern the fastest and easiest to install. 'Installed in minutes, glazed in seconds' is unbelievably accurate in the description of the installation process.

Installing a Korniche Lantern


Please note all bespoke products are manufactured to customers specified sizes and therefore will be excluded from our standard returns policy

An Overview



Stock Type

Made to Measure

Frame Material


Frame Colour

White, Black, Grey

Thermally Broken Frame


Overall U-Value


Brand Name


Skylight Type


Skylight Style


Kerb Options

No Kerb

Trickle Vents

No Vent Options

Glazing Material


Glazing Tint

Clear, Blue, Neutral

Glass Thickess


Glass U-Value



10 yrs

Questions & Answers (15)

How do I measure and choose the correct size Korniche Lantern?

The Korniche Roof Lantern is custom-made to your exact sizes. We work from external measurements and recommend your upstand is a minimum of 70mm wide.

To calculate your required size, measure the length and width from the outside edge of your timber upstand and fitted waterproof membrane. 

We would also recommend increasing the size of the lantern by 12mm in length and width so that you have a 6mm overhang all the way around.

Please see the image below for more information.

If you have a roof opening but your upstands are not built yet. 

Measure the length and width of your roof opening. If your timber upstand is 70mm thick, add 152mm to your internal measurements. This will give you your external measurements and will allow for an extra 6mm in width and length for water drainage.

How do I Install my Korniche Lantern?

The Korniche roof lantern is engineered to ensure the installation is a quick and easy operation, ensuring your home becomes secure and water tight in the minimum time possible. The Korniche is delivered in kit form and leaves the factory with all components checked and quality controlled. Your builder or installer will have a comprehensive installation guide with all dedicated parts required for a speedy installation. You can download a full Korniche installation manual here Or watch a video under the videos tab. 

Does the Korniche Roof Lantern comply with building regs?

Yes, Korniche Roof Lanterns are fully Compliant to Part L Building regulations

Will a Korniche Lantern make my room cold?

The Korniche Roof Lantern is one of the UKs most thermally efficient double-glazed lanterns. With complete roof U values from 1.3w/m2K Korniche provides your home with a room that’s comfortable all year round.

What is Low-e Solar Glass?

Low e-solar glass has a special coating which reflects heat back to the source. This means your room will stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer

Can the Korniche Roof Lantern be made to bespoke sizes?

Yes, The Korniche Roof Lantern can be custom made to your required sizes at no extra cost.

Do I really need Triple Glazing?

On Paper Triple Glazed roof lights are the ideal choice for modern homes and can offer u-values as low as 0.6 W/m²K. However, opinion is divided on whether triple glazing has any real thermal impact in the home. Quite often they do very little to reduce your utility bills and the initial costs far outweigh any savings.

What is the largest size a Korniche Lantern can be made to?

The Korniche Lantern can be manufactured to a maximum of 6 meters x 4 meters. contemporary style Lanterns without intermittent rafters can be manufactured to a maximum size of 3.2 meters x 2.5 meters.

What is a Thermal Break?

A thermal break is a layer of low conductive material placed in the Aluminium frame of a skylight. This stop the internal side of the frame becoming cold and in turn eliminates condensation occurring internally on the frame.

What Frame colour options is the Korniche Lantern available in?

Korniche Lanterns can be manufactured to any ral colour. However, there are three standard colours which are available at no extra cost. You can also specify different colours internally and externally.

Anthracite Grey (7016)

Matt Black (9005)

Satin White (9010)

What Glass tint options is the Korniche Lantern available in?

The Korniche Lantern is available in three standard glass tints., Clear, Ambi Blue and Ambi Neutral. An additional Four premium tints are also available on request, Ambi Aqua, Ambi Bronze, Sunshade Blue and Satin Privacy. All Have self-cleaning, Low-e Coatings. Please View the Korniche Glass brochure for further details

Will a Lantern Roof Light be difficult to handle and get up onto my roof?

For ease of handling all of our Lantern Roof Lights are delivered in kit form and leave the factory with all components checked and quality controlled. Your builder or installer will have a comprehensive installation guide with all dedicated parts required for a speedy installation.

What is Solar Heat Reflection?

It is the ability of a skylight to return solar energy to the atmosphere, effectively keeping the heat out. The percentage value represents the percentage of the total amount of heat that gets reflected off the skylight.

The higher the percentage, the more heat it reflects off.

What is Light Transmission?

It is the amount of light that can successfully pass through the glass without being reflected or absorbed. The higher the value, the more light that can pass through. The percentage value represents the percentage of the total amount of light that passes through the skylight and into your home.

The higher the value, the more sunlight passes through.

What is a U-value?

Thermal transmittance, also known as U-value, is a measure of heat loss through the structure. It is measured in W/m2K. The lower the value, the better the insulation.

The UK Building Regulations require a maximum of 2.2 W/m2K in existing dwellings and an average of 1.2 - 1.7 W/m2K for new dwellings on rooflights.

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