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Which Skylight is Right For You?
  • The sleek design of a flat glass skylight is the ideal choice for any modern home. Ideal for living spaces, kitchens and bathrooms

    • Best Value
    • Contemporary Design
    • Made to measure
    • Fully Assembled
    • Build Regs Compliant
    • Excellent Thermal Efficiency
    • 10 Year Warranty
  • The ultra slim and contemporary design means that a Lantern roof light will be a perfect feature of any house, extension or orangery

    • Excellent Value
    • Visually Stunning
    • Made to measure
    • Quick and Easy Assembly
    • Build Regs Compliant
    • Excellent Thermal Efficiency
    • 10 Year Warranty
  • The perfect low-cost option for introducing natural light to garages, utility areas, schools and commercial buildings

    • Cost-effective
    • Durable and Lightweight
    • Fast Delivery
    • Fully Assembled
    • Build Regs Compliant
    • Good Thermal Efficiency
    • 10 Year Warranty
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  1. Atlas | Contemporary Roof Lantern

    Atlas | Contemporary Roof Lantern

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  2. Atlas | Traditional Roof Lantern

    Atlas | Traditional Roof Lantern

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Why Choose A Rooflight?

A rooflight is a great way to add value to a property with little hassle and can really enhance a room or space.

We have a huge range of different rooflight options available to suit any style. Quality is a focus for us in all of our products, and our flat roof lights are no different.

A rooflight installed on a flat roof can make an amazing difference in terms of lighting, ventilation and overall style.

Flat roof lights are easily fitted and incredibly low profile. It's easy to see why so many homes now have rooflights as a feature.

Transform Your Room With A Rooflight

The placement of a flat rooflight can transform an otherwise dim and enclosed space into a well-lit, welcoming area and will enhance the overall comfort and aesthetic of your home.

The sleek design of a rooflight is the ideal choice for any modern property. Double glazed to offer enhanced thermal efficiency.

Rooflights are available in standard and bespoke sizes dependent on your requirements.

Domed Rooflights

Tired of the usual flat roof lights? Consider polycarbonate roof domes as an alternative option for your rooflight needs.

Domed rooflights offer exceptional value for money and come with a variety of options, including glazing, venting, and upstands.

Whether you prefer a fixed or manual opening variant, we have you covered for your next rooflight purchase.

Lanterns & Pyramid Rooflights

Choose a lantern or pyramid rooflight for modern orangeries and rooms where maximum light is needed as these rooflights have an ultra slim and contemporary design.

We also have the more traditional roof lantern style with additional rafters if needed to suit your rooflight requirements.

Order Your Rooflight Today

To order your rooflight today, or if you require further information about any of the options in our rooflight range, give our team a call on 024 76 707700 or message us via our contact page.



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