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Atlas Standard Flat Glass Skylight

£375.30 £312.75

Can't find the size your looking for? Take a look at our Bespoke Atlas Skylight

Please ensure all measurements supplied are external. i.e. measured from the outside edge of the existing upstand 

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£375.30 £312.75
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Atlas Flat Glass Aluminium Skylight

Creating the illusion of open roof space, the minimalistic external and internal sightlines creates a sleek, modern appearance and is a stunning addition to any home extension. The atlas flat glass skylight is perfect for flat roof extensions or homes where a lantern isn’t approved due to height restrictions.

Easy Installation 

  • Hidden direct fixing and strap fixing alternative
  • Internal plasterboard pocket for easy boarding and plastering
  • Clip in external weather bar and internal cover trim
Atlas roof light inside a kitchen extension
Atlas flat glass on extension flat roof

Minimalist Design

The minimalistic contemporary external design with flush glazing gives a sleek, modern appearance and is a stunning addition to any home extension.

Sitting flush with the internal plaster line, the fixed flat roof light appears frameless from the interior of the home, creating the illusion of an open roof space. This allows endless natural light to enter the room with the added bonus of an uninterrupted view.

Ultimate Thermal Performance

The unique aluminium external and internal capping and bespoke structural PVCu internal core make the Atlas Flat Glass the ultimate glazed flat roof light. 

If you’d like more information on the Atlas Flat Glass Skylight, call our expert team on 024 76 707700 or fill out our form and we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.

 Thermal image of Atlas roof light

Technical Details
More Information
Stock Type Made to Order
Frame Material Aluminium
Frame Colour White, Black, Grey
Thermally Broken Frame Yes
Overall U-Value 1.3W/m2K
Brand Name Atlas
Skylight Type Fixed
Skylight Style Flat Glass
Kerb Options No Kerb
Trickle Vents No Vent Options
Glazing Material Glass
Glazing Tint Clear, Blue, Neutral
Glass Thickess 28mm
Glass U-Value 1.0 W/m2K
Warranty 10 yrs
Questions & Answers (11)
Customer Questions
How do I Measure and choose the correct size Atlas Skylight?

Our Atlas Flat glass skylight is custom made to your exact sizes. We work from external measurements and always recommend an 80mm wide upstand is used. 

To calculate your required size, measure the length and width from the outside edge of your timber upstand, As shown in the image.

Please note all Atlas Flat Glass skylight come with a 6mm overhang to allow for roof finish and are manufactured within a 2mm tolerance. 

If you have a roof opening but Upstands are not built yet.

<easure the length and width of your roof opening and add 160mm to both dimensions to allow for your upstands. This will give you the external dimension of your roof light. 

Atlas measure guide

How do I Install my Atlas skylight?

The Atlas Flat Glass is supplied fully assembled making it quick and easy to install. The Skylight is placed on to a preassembled 80mm upstand using a bead of silicone to create a water tight seal. The Skylight is then fixed into place using screws that go through the skylight into the upstand. Finally the outer trims and applied. For further details be see our Atlas installation guide.

Does the Atlas Roof lights comply with building regs?

Yes, All Atlas skylights are fully Compliant to Part L Building regulations

What is Low-e Solar Glass?

Low e-solar glass has a special coating which reflects heat back to the source. This means your room will stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer

Do I really need Triple Glazing?

On Paper Triple Glazed roof lights are the ideal choice for modern homes and can offer u-values as low as 0.6 W/m²K. However, opinion is divided on whether triple glazing has any real thermal impact in the home. Quite often they do very little to reduce your utility bills and the initial costs far outweigh any savings.

What is a Thermal Break?

A thermal break is a layer of low conductive material placed in the Aluminium frame of a skylight. This stop the internal side of the frame becoming cold and in turn eliminates condensation occurring internally on the frame.

Can Atlas Rooflights be made to a bespoke size?

Yes, The Atlas Skylight range can be custom made to your required sizes

What is the largest size the Atlas flat glass is available in?

The largest size available without the need for a strengthening bar is 3000mm x 1200m. Larger sizes may be available with a different glass spec or by using strengthening bars. Please call 02476 707700 for more info

What is the recommended pitch for Atlas Flat Glass skylights?

We recommend a minimum 5 degrees pitch to allow water to run off and prevent pooling on your new skylight. This can be achieved by creating a height difference in the installed upstand. Alternatively an Atlas composite upstand can be bought with the pitch already built in.

What Frame colour options are there for Atlas skylights?

Atlas Roof lights can be manufactured to any ral colour. However there are three standard colours which are available at no extra cost. You can also specify different colours internally and externally.

Anthracite Grey (7016),

Batt Black (9005),

Satin White (9010)

What Glass tint options are there for Atlas Skylights?

Atlas roof lights are available in either Standard clear or a choice of two Low-e Self-cleaning glass options. Neutral and Active Blue. All are manufactured to a  thickness of 28mm(6-16-6) with toughened glass and a u-value of 1.0 W/m2K.