Lantern Roof Lights

Lantern Roof Lights

Roof Lanterns and Lantern Roof Lights

Our made-to-measure roof lanterns maximise the natural daylight in your living space to make your room feel much bigger and add value to your property. Explore our range of roof lantern styles and features below.

  • Bespoke Sizes
  • Slimline Design
  • Thermally Efficient
  • Easy Install
  • Strong & Secure
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Roof Lantern Styles

The most common roof lantern styles available are contemporary and traditional.

Contemporary Roof lanterns

Sleek and minimalist by design, contemporary roof lanterns come without any intrusive rafters to give an effortless look to your house but still maximise light.

Traditional roof lanterns

Traditional roof lanterns are built with additional rafters as required, making them the ideal choice for larger roof lanterns where additional structural support is required.

Pros and Cons of Roof Lanterns

When deciding between a pitched roof and a roof lantern for your home project, there are various advantages and disadvantages to consider.

We recommend taking into account the placement of the rooflight to determine which option would be more suitable for your home.

Generally, a roof lantern allows for increased natural light and a uniform appearance in the middle of the room, while other types of glazing provide design flexibility for different areas of the room.

Roof lanterns are often positioned directly above dining room tables to maximise the amount of light entering the space.

Another factor to consider is heat. Many people mistakenly believe that roof lanterns release excessive amounts of heat. While this can be true if the installation is done incorrectly, our customers have reported good thermal insulation and minimal heat loss with properly installed roofs.

Lantern Roof Lights Features

A lantern roof light is another term we use to describe roof lanterns so when we mention lantern roof lights, we’re still talking about made-to-measure roof lanterns that flood light into your living space.

High Quality

All of our roof lanterns are built to the highest specifications ensuring they are the ideal choice to not only look the part, but keep your home safe.

A premium aluminium and glass construction means your roof lantern will survive even the toughest weather conditions.

Easy to Install

Lantern roof lights are extremely quick and easy to install giving you more time to enjoy the new bright space in your home.

Designed for Sunlight

Our roof lantern light range is specifically designed for homes to receive the most amount of sunlight possible.

The sleek 57mm width for the spas and ridge sections means they are among the slimmest roof lanterns currently available on the market.

Fast Delivery Time

Your own bespoke roof lantern will be manufactured to your specifications and at your door within 5-10 working days.

Do I Need Planning Permission for Roof Lanterns

Most roof lantern installations in the UK will not require planning permission, as long as you’re following the permitted development rules

If you’re unsure, you can consult your Local Planning Authority and they can advise you as to whether you need planning permission or not.

Made To Measure Lantern Roof Lights

We're able to manufacture roof lantern to a maximum length of 3000mm, and a width of 2500mm. Call us on 024 76 707700 if you seek a larger size.

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