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Flexitec 2020 Taping Mat

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In Stock

Flexitec 2020 Taping Matt is used for reinforcing the roof in the following scenarios: 

  • Reinforcing OSB3 Square Edge Deck boards consolidated with FT2020 Primer
  • Any local reinforcement on the roof or trim joints in conjunction with FT2020 Resin
  • The joints between edge trims and the substrate in conjunction with FT2020 Resin

ResTrim Joints: Add powder hardener at the required rate to decanted Flexitec 2020 resin and thoroughly wet in two layers of Res-Tec Taping Mat prior to application of Flexitec 2020 resin. NB: New ResTrims should be thoroughly wiped with acetone prior to coating. 

Local Reinforcements to Roof Details: To all upstands, internal outlets, protrusions, stepped joints, cracks/splits, dissimilar adjoining substrates or any other detail requiring local reinforcement add powder hardener at the required rate to decanted Flexitec 2020 resin and thoroughly wet and consolidate in Taping Mat prior to application of the main Flexitec 2020 system. 

IMPORTANT: To any joints/roof details subject to expansion movements apply 25mm dis-bondment tape (masking tape or similar) to any joints subject to movement. Any joints subject to extreme movement e.g. metal sheet laps, metal gutters, vibrating protrusions and the like must be treated with caution. If in doubt consult your distributor for further advice. 

OSB3 square edge board joints: should be locally reinforced with Flexitec 2020 Primer consolidated into taping mat at an approximate coverage rate of 0.25 kg/m2. Do not use Flexitec 2020 resin for reinforcing timber square edge board joints. 

The Flexitec 2020 System by Res-Tec is a flexible, single resin GRP system with full overlay and new deck capabilities. Combining the best elements of fibreglass with the versatility of overlay systems, no other flat roof solution performs at this level across so many applications.

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