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Technoelast VB-500 Self Adhesive Vapour Barrier

TECHNOELAST VB 500  Self-Adhesive Vapour Control Layer with Aluminium Foil

Roll Width: 1.08m 

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TECHNOELAST VB 500  Self-Adhesive Vapour Control Layer with Aluminium Foil

TECHNOELAST VB 500 SELF is a cold-applied, self-adhesive bituminous vapour control layer which is
saturated and coated with high quality SBS (Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene) modified bitumen. It has an integrated
aluminium foil layer, a glass fibre reinforcement and is finished on the topside with a removable siliconised film.
Product Description

TECHNOELAST VB 500 SELF is designed for use as a high performance vapour barrier, and is ideal for use
on metal profiled decking and in areas prone to increased temperatures and moisture levels (e.g. factories,
swimming pools, gyms).

Product Features
▪ Flame free, self-adhesive application
▪ Tough, mechanically resistant membrane
▪ Simple, fast installation
▪ Low temperature flexibility at -25°C
▪ Aluminium lined


In order to install the TECHNOELAST VB 500 SELF membrane correctly, ensure that the surface is dry, free of
oil, fat and dust and other impurities. Proceed to prime the roof surface using our Quick Dry Bitumen Primer. Once dry the membrane should be unrolled, aligned and set into position alongside other rolls and profiled decking.

Once aligned, one end of the siliconised film should be peeled back. The edge of
the TECHNOELAST VB 500 SELF membrane can then be pressed to the profiled decking substrate. The product
should then be unrolled on to the deck whilst simultaneously pulling off the siliconised film.

Chemical Resistance
TECHNOELAST VB 500 SELF is water-resistant and is resistant to watery solutions of salt, diluted non-oxidising
acids and bases. Aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, as well as chlorine hydrocarbons, oils and greases may
loosen the product and should therefore be avoided.

Store in a cool and dry place. Protect from direct sunlight. The product should be installed within 3 months of
delivery, otherwise the surface must be primed with a suitable primer (please contact TECHNONICOL for further

Technical Details
More Information
Stock Type Warehouse Fulfilled
Thickness 0.5mm
Brand Name Technoelast
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Supplier Member certified by NFRC
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