Antislip ScanGrit For GRP - 25kg

25kg Scangrit anti-slip is used to create a non-slip surface when used in conjunction with the GRP system

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Scangrit anti-slip is designed for walkways to create a non-slip surface which will increase safety. The Scangrit is applied after the matting and resin. The top coat is then applied to prevent moss growth.

Key Features

  • Cold applied - No heat needed
  • Easy to form
  • Durable - Resists heavy foot traffic
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Impact resistant
  • Fire retardant
  • Storm proof
  • Frost proof


  • 25kg Bag will cover between 25 & 50 sqm dependingon thickness
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Questions & Answers (5)

How Long Does a GRP Fibreglass roof Last?

If Installed Correctly a Fibreglass roof has a typical life expectancy in access of 35yrs 

What Surface can a Fibreglass roof be Installed onto.

Fibreglass roofs must always be laid onto new and dry OSB3 boards. For best results we recommend using tongue and groove boards.

Can I Walk on a fibreglass roof?

Yes. Fibreglass is a very tough and durable material. This means walking on your roof shouldn't affect the integrity of the roof 

Does if have to be dry for me to install a Fibreglass Roof?

Yes, Never Attempt to install a Fibreglass Roof onto wet or damp boards.

What is the minimal temperature i can install a Fibreglass roof in?

The minmum temperature for installing a fibreglass roof is 5 degrees C. 

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