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Please ensure all measurements are external and supplied in mm. i.e. measured from the outside edge of the existing upstand 

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Premium High specification Flat Glass Rooflights 

Brett Martin Daylight Systems are individual glass rooflights intended for installation on flat roofs of all modern building types to provide natural light (and ventilation where specified). Brett Martin Flat Glass Trade Rooflights are manufactured to ISO 9001 industry standards.

Key Features

  • Brett Martin Flat Glass Trade exhibits a sleek and contemporary design with a slimline powder-coated frame and a flush-fitting glass panel.
  • Premium rooflight offering a robust build as well as protection
    against intrusion or vandalism.
  • Centre pane U-value of 1.1 W/m2K.
  • Tested to be non-fragile to CWCT TN-92 (for class 2 roofs) and
    Class B non-fragile to ACR[M]001.


The double glazed glass panel is made up of: 6mm toughened outer, a 90% argon filled cavity, with a 9.5mm laminated soft coat Low E inner (inc. 1.5mm PVB interlayer). For larger sizes the inner pane thickness is increased to 11.5mm.

The frame is extruded aluminium, with a powder coating (RAL 7016) to provide a premium appearance and highly appealing finish. The rooflight assembly is thermally broken to provide excellent thermal performance.


Brett Martin Flat Glass Trade units are expected to remain fit for purpose in normal industrial conditions for a period of 20 years (guaranteed for 10 years), i.e. they will not become perforated, lose significant structural integrity or distort to the extent of losing weather-tightness. Electrical actuators (where present), are guaranteed for a period of 1 year; actuators have a design life of at least 10,000 cycles. The insulated glass used in the construction of the rooflight is guaranteed for 5 years.

Why Is An Aluminium Frame Important?

Added Structural Strength

Our highly-developed Aluminium frame provides extra strength and rigidity, minimising structural movement in the skylight once installed, which significantly reduces the chances of failure.

Extra Damage Protection

The aluminium frame acts as a protective layer, encapsulating the glass at its weakest points to prevent accidental damage that would otherwise shatter the glass.

Enhanced Home Security

Using tamper-proof fixings and not just silicone sealant helps keep your home secure. Our skylights are accredited by Secure by Design (police preferred specification).

Extra Glass Support

The frame is key in providing extra support to the glass, ensuring the glass stays in place in the event of damage or shattering.

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Safety Requirements/CDM Regulations

Brett Martin Flat Glass Trade achieves CWCT TN-92 non-fragility on class-2 roofs and ACR[M]001 class B non-fragility when new and fully installed in accordance with Brett Martin Daylight
Systems installation guides. Foot traffic on rooflights should always be avoided; impacts such as foot traffic or a falling person may cause damage which could necessitate rooflight replacement. All glass panels are BS EN12150, BS 14449 and BS 1279 compliant.

Building Regulations Approved Document B (2006 edition, amended 2007) sets out the rules for fire safety of buildings, which can be met by achieving specific fire ratings to either British (BS476) or European (BS EN 13501) test standards. Brett Martin Flat Glass Trade achieves Class 1 to BS 476 part 7.

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Questions & Answers (5)

How do I choose the correct size Glass skylight?

mardome glass measure guide

To suit your own Builders upstand

When Purchasing a Glass unit without un upstand  please ensure the outside edge of your ouw timber upstands are positioned at the same distance as you chosen skylight size. For example if you have a rooflight which measures 900mm x 900mm, you need to ensure the the measurement from the out side edge of your upstand is the same. Please see image for further clarification. A 75mm wide upstand is recommended 

Skylight with UPVc Upstand

When purchasing a  Glass unit with a UPVc upstand the stated sizes represent the opening in the roof. Please ensure the opening in the roof is the same size as the purchased skylight. FOr example if your skylight is 750mm x 750mm the opening in the roof also needs to be 750mm x 750mm. 

mardome glass on upvc upstand

What is Low-e Solar Glass?

Low e-solar glass has a special coating which reflects heat back to the source. This means your room will stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer

Do I really need Triple Glazing?

On Paper Triple Glazed roof lights are the ideal choice for modern homes and can offer u-values as low as 0.6 W/m²K. However, opinion is divided on whether triple glazing has any real thermal impact in the home. Quite often they do very little to reduce your utility bills and the initial costs far outweigh any savings.

What is a Thermal Break?

A thermal break is a layer of low conductive material placed in the Aluminium frame of a skylight. This stop the internal side of the frame becoming cold and in turn eliminates condensation occurring internally on the frame.

What is the recommended pitch far a Flat Glass skylights?

We recommend a minimum 5 degrees pitch to allow water to run off and prevent pooling on your new skylight. For self cleaning glass to work effectively a minimum 10 degree pitch is recommended. 

This can be achieved by creating a height difference in the installed upstand. Alternatively an Atlas composite upstand can be bought with the pitch already built in. 

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