Arboflex Roofing

Arboflex Roofing System

With one coat application, the Arboflex roofing system offers a 25-year life expectancy.

Arboflex's unique low odour, single component polyurethane liquid membrane formulation provides a fast curing, bubble-free finish, allowing for a durable and seamless waterproof roofing system to be created.

  • 25-year life expectancy
  • No mixing required
  • High tensile and tear strength
  • One coat application
  • Cold applied
  • Solar reflective
  • Excellent weather resistance
  • Showerproof in 30 minutes
  • Trafficable in 24 hours
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Excellent tensile strength means there is no need to incorporate a reinforcing fabric with Arboflex, this makes application simple and fast. Once applied, Arboflex will provide high tensile strength with excellent abrasion resistance.

Other components offered alongside the basicArboflex roofing system allow the liquid membrane to be used for a wide range of applications and solutions.

Arboflex is suitable for overlaying on existing roof coverings including asphalt, bitumen, GRP, metal, fibre and concrete.

Here you can find Arboflex waterproof coating, Arboflex primer, Arboflex detailer and everything else you will need for an Arboflex roofing system installation, including the installation tools, reinforcing fabric, self-adhesive tape, joint mastic, trims and adhesive.

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